Computer music


This is a collection of my digital music, jams and experiments since when i started in 2007. Mostly electronic music made with software instruments.

Old setup: Renoise DAW, M-Audio 24/96, M-Audio Keystation 49e, M-Audio AV40, M-Audio SP-2, Superlux HD662F

Current: Renoise DAW, Fragment, ONYX Producer 2-2, Korg microKEY, Rode NTH-100M, Pianoteq VST

Most of the noise is highly influenced by Richard David James and related. (Aphex Twin)

My interest nowadays is mostly into layering sounds using methods similar to early Detroit techno, most of my stuff come from one shot continuous jams similar to the oldschool method of performing live to tape (although digital), just love the unexpected.

Chip music

Track made for early soundchip with mod2psg2 tracker (Programmable Sound Generator chip; SN76489)

International Email Audio Art Project vol. 9

'Le passeur' is a one minute dark ambient track made in Renoise which is entirely made from custom samples of every days object (water bottle etc.) recorded with a cheap webcam microphone. It was released for an online email audio art project in 2011. It is inspired by Greek mythology about the crossing of the Styx river. The one below is the full length original.

Fun fact: The waveform looks weird (unintended) and contribute to the track idea.

Jams live streams

youtube channel

Recorded Twitch live stream of every Renoise session between 2018 and 2023. Recent ones are accompanied by my animated generative art.

Songs extract (live composition) :

more here

Fragment live coding

youtube channel

Fragment is my live coding synthesizer. All videos on that channel are live coding sessions. Most of it are focused on testing the software, sound design and spectral experiments.

Songs extract (live coding composition)

2009 - 2019 patterns


This project is an (almost) complete recording of all things i did with sounds for a ten years period jammed into a single 11 hours video!

It contain every patterns (short music segments) created in Renoise that i found interesting and saved to a file between 2009 and 2019, it may even contain some contents from earlier time. Most patterns were ideas that were jammed on at the time without going further.

The video also contain many of my early animated computer art sketches stitched together with ffmpeg.

The idea was to take a snapshot of my sounds for easy reference but i realize now that these digital recordings also share certain similarities with analog recordings, it would be very hard right now to record all of this again in the same condition and harder as time goes on.

Many of the software instruments and effects i used back then may no longer be available, especially when considering specific versions. (lost in time) These versions might have had unique bugs or characteristics that influenced the recordings (even OS / hardware could have side effets !) thus digital stuff have their own unique flavors and quirks and this can be seen as the digital equivalent of the analog 'spirit' with all the variabilities...

Superclusters project (~2010 - 2012)


Superclusters was my third musical project. It is mostly space themed and was some techno experiments influenced by Drexicya.

Mammuthus project (~2010 - 2018)


Mammuthus was my second musical project and probably the most polished one. The theme was prehistory. Most of it is ambient / acid techno.

Genesia and related projects (~2007 - 2009)

genesia genwv

First musical project. Most of it is early noise experiments from when i started making music inspired by the early 2000s demoscene and electronic music scene releases. GenWv was a quick experiment with Ableton live 9 and random patterns.

Misc (~2007 - 2016)

Click for some unreleased and early noise