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Campers - Linux 256 bytes (Outline 2021)


This one was made around the same time as Flagship, i liked the shard patterns and middle pattern which was looking like an animal or some kind of tribal figure. (perhaps just Pareidolia kicking in for me)

It was roughly the same code as Flagship with different parameters.

The big technical improvement over Flagship was to drop the C fbdev initialization code and write a custom one in assembly with the code overlapping the ELF header, i knew that this trick was used by the 128 bytes intro "lintro" by frag/fsqrt and i finally implemented it within my framework, this gave some more bytes.

About the demoparty compo

There was no demoparty with 256 bytes procedural graphics compo around that time so i had to compete with either 4k procedural gfx or 256b intros (perhaps even "wild" category but this is not so wild...), i felt that my stuff wouldn't fit either way because it is not animated and small so in the end i didn't care and just contributed something to both compo, i had "Calculating Space" at this point and figured it was better left in the 256b compo because it could have an edge and i released this into the 4k procedural gfx compo.

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