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Eclipse - TIC-80 256 bytes


A port of a Processing sketch algorithm although totally different result than the sketch. Mainly wanted to do something less abstract than previous releases.

This one begun a year before the party release, i was not satisfied of the initial result so it was in a frozen state for about a year until a day i was bored and found some ways to improve it.

The Processing sketch was a spaceship but the image was a bit bland on TIC-80 so adapted the algorithm to draw mountains instead and struggled a bit to have a good composition.

A combination of ellipse / circle / pix calls. Lua code packed with tic-tool.

-- title: Eclipse
-- author: grz / The Orz
-- desc: A 256 bytes procedural gfx / intro for CAFePARTY 2022.
math.randomseed(1)cls()d=pix c=math.random n=240i=136 for e=0,i do elli(n/2,e/2+i/3+50,n,2,14+c(2))d(c(n),e,12+e%4)d(140+e/3,30+e/6,-e/30)d(100-e/4,70+e/9,-e/30)circ(n/2,50,25-e/50,15-e/50)circ(n/2+8,50,20,0)end function TIC()m=time()/6 for e=-i*2,i*2 do o=e&m//16t=170+e*m/i r=i/3+math.abs(o|(e//2+o))+i/2*m/n s=16-o%4 d(n-t+i-8,r+38,s)d(t-50,r,12+o%5)d(t-i,r+30,s)end end


earlier 2022 version; trying wider stars; that was too much

initial 2021 version, had some filler text taken from a Darkthrone album name

two days after and a text change taken from a song by Immortal band (the struggle is real !)

early 2022 version; struggling a bit on composition i guess :)

tad better by changing background mountains angle; added more stuff later on so it was a bit less boring

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