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From below - TIC-80 256 bytes


An attempt at doing a city and using a display hack (minsky circle variant) in a creative way. Lots of work trying to fit everything into 256 bytes.

The initial idea was very far off this and was some kind of flying insect with a moon backdrop.

Layered integer circle algorithm. Lua code packed with Pakettic.

cls()d={}x=math.random h={}math.randomseed(5)for l=0,99 do h[l]=l%15*1e8+2e9 d[l]=0p=x(240)e=138-x(20)m=-x(2)rect(p,l,1,1,12+l%5)rect(p,e,3-m,30,m)rect(p+1,2+e,1,1,12)rect(p,e,1,30,m-1)end n=.03TIC=load'for l=0,8e2 do t=l%15o=d[t]m=h[t]e=m/2e10+1/2p=e+o/9e9m=m+o/1e4-o*e o=o+p*m-m/9e1m=m+o/1e4-o*e e=1-n/1e4h[t]=m/e d[t]=o/e e=150+m/5e7+n*4p=48+o/4e7+n*p*15o=5/n+t/8pix(240-e,p,o)pix(e,p,o)end n=.1+n'


very early version

an early version

was iterating on colors on this version; liked the structure / darker colors

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