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Mrityuloka - TIC-80 256 bytes


An attempt at drawing a landscape, was going to be much more minimal at first but i was unsure about the style so i released this.

Had plenty of spare bytes so used them for the backdrop / gradient with SCN. (per scanline color manipulation)

Layered ellipses, mostly. Lua code packed with pakettic.

-- title: Mrityuloka
-- author: grz / The Orz
-- desc: 256b procedural gfx / intro for LOVEBYTE 2023.
n={}m=math.cos p={}i=math.random math.randomseed(7)for f=3,1e3 do p[f]=i(240)/1.35n[f]=56+8*m(p[f]/80)end cls()SCN=function(d)poke(16320,d)end for f=1,48 do pix(i(240),f,f%5+12)pix(38-f/4,28+f/4,-f/10)end elli(240,0,32,32,12)elli(241,1,31,31,16)elli(120,21,16,16,12)elli(121,22,15,15,16)e=0TIC=function()for f=3,1e3 do o=9*(4-e)*m(e/6+f/10)elli(o+p[f],e/15*2*e+o/16+n[f],e/4,e/4,8-i(2)/8*m(p[f]/34)*e)end e=.04+e end


a tad boring planet surface

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