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Fun musical finds of various kinds

Fun things (patterns similarities etc.) found out while listening to various kind of music. Most can be explained by simple influences among bands.

There is some patterns that i think i have heard somewhere but cannot grasp where, still open.

Some fun facts of that list are probably unique (and some are probably made up, don't take it seriously) as i never saw them reported anywhere. (some very obvious ones have been known though)

The format of this list is : Artist name - Album name (release year) - Song name

Meshuggah - None (1994) - Ritual

The intro and overall feeling of the whole track sounds like Would ? (1992) by Alice in Chains

Summoning - With Doom We Come (2018) - Mirklands

The running theme starting at 0:33 sounds like Game Of Thrones (2011 TV series) soundtrack.

Sodom - Tapping The Vein (1992) - Deadline

Metal fans will probably like this fun fact: 2:08 riff is similar to Dunkelheit from Filosofem (1996) by Burzum the riff repeat with variations around the track.

AFX (Aphex Twin) - Internet dump (2015) - 13 High Hats Tune Tamclap Orig

5:45 melody appear in the fearless vampire killers 1967 movie with a woman voice singing it. The melody probably has older origins.

Nocturnus - Ethereal Tomb (1999) - Outland

Has very similar vibes to Pestilence Osculum Infame keys of Malleus Maleficarum (1988) album, i don't think there is any similar patterns, more like heavy inspiration

Jaga Jazzist - A Livingoom Hush (2001) - Cinematic

Piano patterns sound like Aisatsana by Aphex Twin (Cinematic was out way before Aisatsana was out i think so which is first ?)

Avoid Catoblépone - Déporté sur terre (1995) - Prisonnier

Obvious patterns from Erik Satie (1890, Gnossiennes 1-3 : No. 1) played on a guitar.

Hovmod - Doedsformasjon (2019) - Doedsformasjon / Blodsbaand

Background riff on Doedsformasjon sound very much like Immortal All shall fall (2009) same with Blodsbaand. (many obviously similar patterns, probably direct inspiration)

Blitzkrieg - Unholy Trinity (1995) - Taking Care of Business

Section at ~3:00 is similar to first Doom OST (E1M1 - At Doom's gate)

Luke Vibert - We Hear You (2009) - Belief file

Gamelan all around the track emulated by a synthesizer or a syncopated sample ? The pattern sounds like something i heard somewhere, maybe from a traditional gamelan ensemble.

Chevron - Possibilities (2016) - Makossa Nova

Sampled Drexciya ? Didn't find the track name yet.

Coroner - Grin (1993) - Paralized, Mesmerized

Starting at 1:56 the guitar melodic pattern sounds like something i heard somewhere.

Eminem - Kamikaze (2018) - Nice guy

Post chorus sounds like Ice Me Out (2018) by Kash Doll

Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Scream (1978) - Mittageisen

The guitar playing (and speed doesn't help!) is oddly similar to what may be played later on by black metal bands.

Killing joke - Pandemonium (1994) - Pandemonium

No fun facts but my general feeling toward this track has always been that it has some similarities to Slayer (Exorcism), O.L.D / Devin Townsend (Jana), Bauhaus (Black Moon).

Elend - Sunwar The Dead (2004) - Sunwar The Dead (and more)

The voice, lyrical content and instrumentation on this track and the whole album remind me of Dead Can Dance Within the Realm of a Dying Sun (1987) they were probably inspired by this band since it is the same genre.

Tengger Cavalry - Northern Memory Vol 1. (2019) - Lone Wolf

Running riff sounds like Spieluhr by Rammstein. (and probably others)

Gojira - Mario Duplantier drum solo at les vieilles charrues (2010)

Quite similar drum patterns as Allan Holdsworth The sixteen men of tain (2000) the drums were yellow probably unintended and probably wrong.

Miles Davis - Get Up With It (1974) - Calypso Frelimo

The background bass pattern which start right away always remind me of Super Mario Bros Underground theme (game soundtrack) by Koji Kondo. (the first 6 notes pattern) Probably influenced because it is pretty much the same.

NILE - Annihilation of the Wicked (2005) - Sacrifice Unto Sebek

The introductory patterns which repeat two times (cleaner on the second time) sounds like something i heard somewhere, maybe on a vocal focused folk track. (Brigitte Fontaine ?) Wonder if it is much older.

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