Computer art misc.


Quick experiments entirely made with Free Open Source Software tools (except Anim8or) such as GIMP, Inkscape, Pov-Ray, Geogebra etc.

Anim8or (3D modeling tool)

Old 3d models, had some fun on the flail... Anim8or is so simple... it is alot of fun :)


The video is a render of Dorian columns made with a custom script.

Blender 2.7x

The first two are old procedural 3d models of rocks and vegetations done for an isometric wargame engine, the idea was to do all the 2d assets using Blender.

Rocks are just surfaces of a subdivided cube / sphere distorded by noise, vegetation is done by separating each subdivided surfaces and randomizing their orientations / positions.

Inkscape / Geogebra

First one is a logo design for a failed e-commerce project.

Second one is a logo done with Geogebra and Inkscape for my synthesizer project.


Enclosures for 3d printing. (Clearfog Pro board and Nano PI NEO)

Had alot of fun learning FreeCAD and designing a 'complex' enclosure for the Clearfog Pro.