Computer Art


Collection of my computer art, images or animations which are mainly produced by code since 2018, some are enhanced with digital compositing (with GIMP) and some have post-process filters applied to enhance colours, brightness or structure.

Most are created with the p5.js framework which provide a drawing canvas and some drawing functions for standard primitives, some older ones are also created within the Processing environment, some are GLSL shaders and some are custom C code.

My interest is mostly on software rendering and simple algorithms which produce complex behaviors, i have made some discoveries / found novel ways to use algorithms to produce complex abstract / natural images with very small code.

Some of the 'unique' ideas you may find here include IFS fractals which produce complex engraving-like artworks, the integer circle algorithm (also called Minsky circle algorithm) which produce complex artworks and fractals out of trivial arithmetic operations, original artworks produced by slime mold growth or simple shapes and some feedback based artworks.

Source-code for most of them are available (raw; most of them without compositing) here


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IFS Fractals

Generative landscapes

Integer circle algorithm

Abstract / Textures / Noise

Physarum / slime mold growth

Feedback / Automata

Context Free Art

Pseudo 3D

GLSL (GPU accelerated)

Lindenmayer system

AI (machine learning)

Computer graphics / 3D

Colliding shapes

Blender 2.8x, 2.9x



Chaos / Fractals / Patterns

Misc. (with tools)